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Program advertising rates and specs


Material Deadline September 14, 2012

Booking Deadline September 7, 2012

Small Audiences


Theatre Local celebrates its second year at SCOTIABANK NUIT BLANCHE with the studio hosting Canada’s shortest season in a brand new work called SMALL AUDIENCES! Voted #1 by in 2011, the stage will luminate once more with appearances by Rebecca Singh, Elva Mai Hoover, Norman Yeung, Gail Nyoka, Marjorie Chan, Neema Bickersteth, Coleen MacPherson, Rachel Ellison, Jonathan Heppner, Kimberly Purtell, Leslie McCue, Lindy Kinoshameng, Lizzie Violet, Ruth Tait, Émilie Gauvin, and Darren Copeland. Over 20 sets! Join us at the Artscape Wychwood Barns at Toronto’s favourite all night art thing!


500 printed and distributed at Artscape Wychwood Barns, Toronto where Scotiabank Nuit Blanche attendance has historically been 2000 people, mostly families and adults of 20-35.*


Full Page $175

1/2 Page Horizontal $90

1/4 Page Vertical $50

• For each page purchased the client receives a invitation for two to “Small Audiences” at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche and an exclusive SWAG gift.

• All rates shown are gross rates

• Rates for colour ads apply to process colours only

• All relevant taxes will apply


Full Page                                   5 3/8″ w x 8 3/8″ h

Double Page Spread          10 3/4″ w x 8 3/8″ h

1/2 Page Horizontal                    5 3/8″ w x 4″ h

1/4 Page Vertical                          2 1/4″ w x 4″ h

Note:         • Add an additional 1/4″ around the           trim for bleed

• All critical type or illustrative material  should be 3/8″ inside trim


• PDFX, .tif, or .eps, Illustrator, files set in 4 colour process, InDesign (include ALL support files, fonts etc.)

• Files or supporting files must be set to 274 pixels/inch

• Please set files to self extracting if compressing files ADS MUST ACCOMPANY A COLOUR PROOF – 100% IN SIZE. Theatre Local and Performance magazine will not be responsible for any ad discrepancies if a proof is not provided.

*Data from City of Toronto Special Events Department.

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