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June 24, 2017 En Avant, Marche!, Luminato, Toronto ON. Tickets:

July 22, 2017 The School for Scandal, Stratford Festival, Stratford ON. Tickets:

August 10, 2017 Treasure Island, Stratford Festival, Stratford ON. Tickets:


Formed in 2016, LIVE DESCRIBE is a coalition of  Audio Description Service providers in and around Toronto, Canada, who specialize in live on-location Audio Description Service delivery.

The Service

We offer high quality live, on­location Audio Described performances that adhere to the American Audio Description Code and Standards. We are professionally trained and can work with any team. We will prepare a timeline and fee schedule specific to the production and venue. Contact us at

Clients and described locations include

Stratford Festival of Canada
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Para-Pan Am Games
Luminato Festival
Native Earth Performing Arts
Aluna Theatre
Aki Studio
Factory Theatre
Tarragon Theatre
Calatrava Atrium (Brookfield Place)
Tangled + Arts Kids Fest!
The Republic of Inclusion
Toronto Pearson Airport
Fort York
National Arts Centre
ACTRA Toronto
Zombie Tree Productions
Mark Brose & Wanda Fitzgerald Films
Jenelle Rouse & Shelly Nafshi Productions

Service Providers

Rebecca Singh,

Rebecca has described theatre, performance art and large­ scale art installations with both live and recorded AD. Her credits include Black Boys and Body Politic at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, More Fine Girls at Tarragon Theatre, Bethune Re­imagined at Factory Theatre, In Spirit and Witness to the Ruin presented at the RUTAS Festival by Native Earth Performing Arts and Aluna Theatre and a workshop presentation of how to produce an audio described performance for the Republic of Inclusion conference.

Rebecca prepared and recorded over 90 minutes of audio descriptions of large scale art installations installed by the Luminato Festival in 2011 and 2012. Locations included Brookfield Place, Fort York and Toronto’s Pearson Airport. When the MP3 recordings were downloaded by hundreds of patrons the initiative became the Festival’s most well­ received access initiative in its history.

When not Audio Describing, Rebecca is a culture professional, performer, producer and parent to a rambunctious toddler.

Kat Germain,

Kat has described dance, theatre, sports and narrative film with both improvised and scripted AD. She has described in “open” (on stage) and “closed” (via audio receivers) capacities.

Audio Description credits include Share the Screen for ACTRA Toronto, Body Politic at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Tangled Kids Fest!, The Republic of Inclusion, What I Learned from a Decade of Fear and NK 603: Action for Performer and e­Maíz presented at the RUTAS Festival by Native Earth Performing Arts and Aluna Theatre, and numerous narrative and web shorts. In 2015, Kat live described the Wheelchair Basketball tournament at the ParaPan Am games– live Sports Description being a first in the Games’ history. She later found out that she had the distinguished honour of being the first to describe the actions of the song “Y.M.C.A.” to Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Chair, David Lepofsky (which he may come to rue!).

When not Audio Describing, Kat is a teacher and filmmaker and works with advocacy organizations including ACTRA Toronto’s Diversity Committee and Picasso Pro.

What is Audio Description?

Audio Description is the Art of Talking Pictorially. Audio Description makes live performances, visual art exhibitions, parades, sports and other cultural opportunities more accessible to persons who are blind or partially sighted. Describers do not keep a running commentary, but rather talk about the essential, visual aspects of the production in order to help listeners share the total experience of the performance. Describers act as reporters.

Professional Audio Describers do not base their comments on their own biases or impressions. Instead, they pass on visual information and allow the listeners to develop their own opinions and conclusions. Patrons are issued a single earphone and small receivers through which they can hear a trained describer depict the sets, costumes and non­verbal onstage action live via a portable transmitter. The technology used is generally similar to that used for guided tours. From a vantage point in the booth the describer imparts information both during the performance and before the show when the patrons are seated in the house.

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