making spaces better for people

Principal Artist

Rebecca Singh is an artist and performer. Her work is often creation based and interdisciplinary and has been presented in theatres, at multidisciplinary festivals and literary events. She has been performing since 1994. She’s appeared in FLASHPOINT, was a regular on Fries With That? and ran and performed with the popular comedy troupe, The Montreal All-Star Cheerleaders for four years. She is an actor, published poet and author.

Rebecca has extensive experience producing, consulting and curating for festivals, institutions and foreign ministries. In 2013 she became the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres’ Mallory Gilbert Leadership in the Arts Award protege.

Artist Statement

I make art to make spaces better for people. Art shows us new possibilities and new perspectives on the world we live in. My work addresses important issues such as the place of art in the community and seeks to provide new ways for people to communicate either through environments or dialogues that add to and echo the landscape we live in.

I am inspired to respond to circumstances both in my environment and in the community that limit freedom of expression due to injustice or privilege. Both artists and audiences experience limited access to work and dialogue that is not befitting to Canadian values of inclusivity and diversity. I am inspired to find creative solutions through art to address these issues.

My work reflects a forward thinking attitude towards Public Value and the benefits that engaging with art can bring to society. Diversity and inclusiveness are achieved through ongoing and robust effort, which I try to embody with my work. Human potential is best achieved through individual creative thinking, collective imagination and access to artistic expression.

I am an actor by training and grew up multicultural and multilingual, with a parent that came to Canada for a better life.  I create as a way to interpret that dream of a “better life”. My work, first imagined through performer’s eyes, is informed by experiences in creating, performing and producing within festivals and institutions both big and small. I collaborate on almost all my work and count many artists living in other parts of Canada and the world as colleagues, a major source of inspiration and members of my community.

Creating art on larger and smaller scales gives me a sense of community and direction. Connecting with other communities beyond the artistic world thrills me and increases my love for humanity and allows me, despite all odds to continue to build the Canada I want for both myself, and future generations.

Rebecca Singh

February 2014