REBECCA SINGH is an actor and singer working on the stage and screen. She has created and performed theatre spanning from solo pieces to large spoken choruses. In 2010 she built CANADA’S SMALLEST THEATRE and over the next 5 years she programmed and created works for its stage until it was uninstalled in 2015. Rebecca is also a seasoned Audio Describer and founder of LIVE DESCRIBE, she writes and voices live for shows and events in Toronto and Stratford. Rebecca spent her 20’s in Montreal and grew up in a down- to-earth neighbourhood in Edmonton. She lives in Toronto, Canada. rebeccasingh.com

THEATRE LOCAL IS BOTH A CONCEPTUAL ARTWORK, AND PRODUCING PROJECT. Theatre Local facilitates: Performance Creation, Meetings, Collaboration, Rehearsal, Readings, Installation, Lectures, Projections, Recitals. theatrelocal.org

Formed in 2016, LIVE DESCRIBE is a coalition of  Audio Description Service providers in and around Toronto, Canada, who specialize in live on-location Audio Description Service delivery. livedescribe.ca